We work with both the public and private sectors in large and small organizations.
  • Architectural and Engineering Firms
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • National and Regional Associations
  • Banking/Financial Industry
  • Retail Businesses
  • Non-Profits
  • Consulting Firms
  • Corporate and Manufacturing Companies of Varying Sizes
  • Education
  • Food Service and Hospitality
  • Government: US, State, County, City
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Law Firms and The Court System
  • Library Sciences
  • News and Information Agencies
  • Professional Training Industry
  • Developmental Services
  • Workforce Development
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Real Estate
  • Recreation

"Thank you for a fantastic presentation on Leadership Skills! Yours was the 'highlight' of the week for our participants. They rated the content and delivery a perfect '10'!"

"I wish you could hear all the accolades from our management team. For the first two days, the telephone was off the hook with the expression of positive feedback and gratitude!"

"We were in crisis. Gerri's ability to calmly facilitate, along with her lack of judgment, moved us in a positive direction that has been lasting."

"Dr. King, and the highly engaging colleagues she brought with her, brought us to new heights with our Strategic Plan. We are finally going to accomplish what seemed like the impossible."

"The change I witnessed within my employees was like switching from a zoom to a wide angle lens on a camera! Thank you so much, Gerri!"

"Our supervisory and management team gained tremendous and valuable knowledge from these sessions. Their management skills have definitely improved."

"Gerri is a professional of the highest competence and integrity, and an absolute delight. It's no wonder that she's one of the most sought after and relied upon presenters. She arrives prepared, is conceptually clear, and is still able to entertain questions and comments as though she's not interrupted."

"Her evaluations are the highest of everyone in the history of the organization. She has my highest recommendation and respect."

"Gerri is an amazing facilitator. Our fractured group came together swiftly and without a lot of resistance, which changed the dynamics in our company."

"Gerri was very funny, with an unbelievable sense of timing and I have never learned more."

"Dr. King combined didactic and experiential activity which kept us interested and resulted in a tremendous learning experience."

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Keynote Speaking

A menu of topics offers creative and exciting options for launching professional conferences.


Assistance with strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, conflict resolution, and more.


Presentations on a wide variety of topics for staff and leadership teams are designed to meet your needs.


Information is available on the topics that are most requested and a few that should be.

The Duh! Book

Managers and leaders will be challenged, entertained, and made to thoughtfully question conventional wisdom.
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